Wednesday, December 31, 2008

{New Years}

So today I'm starting Project 365. I guess you are really supposed to start on a Sunday or Monday, but as long as I get 365 days in I don't think it matters. The Creating Keepsakes kit of the month is a 365 kit and I'm seriously considering one. Here is the link if you are interested :)
I really can't believe its New Years Eve already, it just seems like last month I was cranking up the air conditioner. When I was in elementary school I remember measuring my life by events, from as small as math to lunch time to as big as Christmas to Easter. It was more manageable to think of time as the big events I awaited. I'm glad I've grown out of that though, because life shouldn't be spent marking off days on a calendar. Those days should be lived and cherished. This year I'm making it my priority to really live.
Jonathan Swift has a quote that says "May you live all the days of your life."I love it. It's my motto this year, and every year after.
So friends, may you live every day this year. Don't count down the days until the next big event, make every day an event. Make every day an adventure.


I hate to admit this, but ever since I started college my relationship with God has been somewhat lacking. Its not that I don't love God, I'm extremely thankful for his mercy and love, its just that I've been rather lazy over the past 3 years. I have yet to find and get involved with a really great church, and my quiet times have become almost nonexistent. In highschool I was so faithful with both of these things. I was very involved in church and had a quiet time almost every day. I still remember how refreshing it was to spend time each day with God. I miss those times. I've decided that the only way to make a change is to get into some type of routine. I do very well when I have some sort of plan, usually a plan that corresponds with some type of list. So here is the list..

1. I'm going to find a good church this Spring. I'm looking for a place filled with people who have a genuine heart for a.) God and b.) the lost. It would be nice to find a place that has really good worship ;) I haven't been in a good worship service since I was in that was more than 3 years ago.

2. I bought a Beth Moore bible study and I'm going to be consistent and do the 10 weeks in an actual 10 week period. To do that I'll have to commit to 5 days a week. I absolutly love Beth Moore's teaching style. The study is on the Fruit of the Spirit...I def. need some work on that area :)

3. Most of my good prayer time is when I'm driving, and seeing how I'm in the car for over an hour a day, I think I'll be pretty good on this one. I'm making a worship playlist for my car :)

4. I've joined Beth Moore's scripture challenge. I'll learn two scriptures a month.

I've decided right from the start that this isn't going to be some legalistic spiritual to do list. These are all things that are imortant, but I know that I'll do them with joy :)

I'm most excited about finding a good church. I like the church I've been going to for the past couple years, but its a.) 40 minutes away and b.) a little more old fashioned for my taste.

I have a few ideas of where I'd like to go. I'll begin the search starting next Sunday.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{Visiting Friends}

Listening to some very talented muscicians and taking some more photos tomorrow..can't wait :)

Some recent photos

Hello :)

I'm going to once again try this blogging thing. Let's see how this goes. :)