Saturday, January 10, 2009

{ My Morning }

Ever since 8th grade I've kept a journal of my prayers. Not every prayer, but the ones that really weighed on my heart. I love to look back over the journals and see how God has answered me, usually not in the way I expected! :)
In other news, I'm ready to go back to school. I've been off since December 12th and have truthfully been very bored. I enjoy having the down time to relax, but there is only so much down time a girl can take. I miss my friends. I miss studying. Yes, I'm a nerd. :) I'm the type of girl who looks forward to scheduling classes. Speaking of classes, it looks like a pretty interesting semester...
Geometry and Data Analysis. Not so much fun.
Elementary Art Education. :)
Elementary Music Education. I've heard some bad things about this class, but we'll see.
Safety and Health in the Elementary Class. Doesn't sound too bad.
Geography. Not my favorite subject, but could be fun.
Elementary Science Methods. YESSSS. I love Science.
I'm loving that...
- I have classes with my friends
- After this semester I'll only have 1 year left... only 4 classes left in the Fall and then I student teach next spring! :)
- I'm starting classes for my Masters in Reading in the Fall
What I'm not looking forward to...
-The 40 minute trip to school 5 times a week. In the snow. :(
-Walking to classes in -10 degree weather.

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NEWLYWED said...

I wish I was excited about classes starting again... had my first day back today... not exciting, lol :)

love you jes!

-toni jo