Thursday, January 15, 2009

{ New Layouts }

A very blurry photo, but it gives you the idea of what my scrapping experience was like. I prob. should clean this up at some point today. :)

A layout about my Junior year of college. Its very simple, but it works :)

Documenting my need for some weight/health changes...

I could scrap all day :)

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Leigh Anne said...

very cute pages jessica! i really would like to get into scrapbooking...i'm sure i could spend some pretty pennies on the materials! one day :)

and i have been wondering lately where i knew you from...i had a feeling it was through ruth/beth. you just looked so familiar!

and yes, i worked at SIU. i figured that was one connection as you had pics of bennett and qori on your facebook page. :) i just wasn't sure if it was energy express or upward bound haha.

well, glad to "meet" you again :)

love your blog page!

and i'd love to set up a time when we could meet for pictures this spring. :)