Sunday, January 18, 2009

{ Yesterday }

I lounged around with Christopher and read my new Creating Keepsakes. SO sad that Simple Scrapbooks is retiring. It has been my favorite for 5 years. :(

We went to lunch with my beautiful friend Rachel. I need to start taking my camera with me to these things. :)

We took some photos for my WW journey. This is my head shot. I decided to officially start when school starts (this week) so I'll have more structure. So week 1 will be this week instead of two weeks ago. No, I didn't cop out early, I just decided to prolong the onset of the experience. :)
I love him :)

I bought a new phone...for 1 cent! I've had US Cellular for 3 years so I was due for a new phone. I then paid almost $20 dollars for a new phone cover. This is my phone and Chris's phone. His is a little pricier than mine :)

My shoe :)

Self portrait. I don't have a whole lot of photos with me in them because I'm always behind the camera. :)

I also went to see Bride Wars with my friends Rachel and Missy yesterday. It was a cute movie, but I was slightly disappointed with the plot. It lacked that special something. They just don't make chick flicks like they used to. Speaking of chick flicks, I may need to make a post about my all time favs. :)

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