Sunday, March 22, 2009

{ It's been too long }

I am now almost 4 months into the new year and I'm ashamed to say none of my goals have been met. :( I guess I shouldn't beat myself up- no one is perfect, right? I had intended to start this year off on the right foot, and I did. I'm just still overweight, not as close to God as I want to be, and feeling the repercussions of my laziness. I just got over my 3rd bought with mono this week. No fun.

I've got to get it together, its just sooooooo hard to get into a routine. I want to excercise, eat well, read my bible more faithfully, and find and faithfully attend a good church, I just don't. It's laziness, I'll admit. Pray for me. I need a good spiritual kick in the behind :) I work well with setting mini-goals for myself. Maybe I should make some for this week. I go.

1. Do Zumba 3 x this week.
2. Limit myself to only 1 candy bar and 1 pop this week.
3. Try not to eat after 7 PM
4. Make my quiet time first thing in the morning every day this week. I'll start reading through Isaiah.
5. Try to get in bed by 10:30.

Ok, that wasn't so bad. I can manage four things, right? Maybe I should keep a daily update?

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