Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Loss and New Life}

This week has been particularly stressful for my family. On Tuesday night, my Dad's older brother Danny passed away. Although I didn't see Danny a lot during his time on earth, I deeply miss him. He was a fun, free spirited, and good man. I don't know how everyone else processes death and thoughts about death, but for me, the intensity of my sadness depends on one main factor-did they know Jesus as Lord and Savior? I'm so glad to know that in the final days of his life, my Uncle Danny signaled that he had asked for forgiveness for his sins and made peace with God. Every time I'd say goodbye to my Uncle during his time on earth, he'd hug me with a smile and say, "I love you honey!" I'd say, "See you later Uncle Dan", and we'd part ways. Today, as I said my final earthly goodbye to Danny I could be at peace knowing that TRULY I will see Uncle Danny again! Death has not conquered Danny-Danny is alive and well with a new body in Heaven-much better off than you and I. What a comfort.

Thank you, Dear Father, for making a way for us to have eternal life with you and your precious son, Jesus. Without you, there would be no hope.

Jessica <3

{A Day in the Life of a 23 Year Old Student Teacher}

A typical day for me...

5:30: The alarm sounds. I snuggle with Emma for a few minutes, make a cup of hot cocoa, and read some Word. I've been reading through John and Psalms recently.
6:00-7:00: Get ready to leave for school.
7:10:Make my way through morning school traffic :)
7:30: Arrive at school, greet my host teacher, sign in, and prepare all of my activities for the day.
8:00: The kiddos arrive, I greet each one, take attendance and lunch count, and they do morning work.
8:15-8:40: I work one on one with a struggling student in reading.
8:40-10:30: I teach spelling, handwriting, grammar, and language arts. I love this part of the day :)
10:30-11:30: Math. I'm not such a fan ;)
11:45-12:40: Lunch and Recess! :)
12:40-1:20: Planning! During this time I write lesson plans, check email, talk to my host teacher, make copies, and eat chocolate..hehe ;) The planning period is truly a gift from God to teachers!
1:20: Social Studies or Science
2:00-2:20:Math Interventions
2:20-2:30: Reteach
2:30-2:50: Pass out papers, get the kiddos ready for dismissal, straighten the room, and send them to the buses.
3:00: I leave the school! :)
3:20-9:30: I'm home, change immediately into my PJs, eat dinner and work on lesson plans. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays I watch American Idol with my parents. The other week nights I usually just relax at home with Emma. :) I read books, scrapbook, read blogs, and ocassionally watch tv. My Nanny (grandmother) and I have a subscription to Netflix and one or two nights of the week we pile on my bed and watch a good movie. I try to go out with my friends at least once every two weeks, but most of my close friends are student teaching too, so its been hard to find a night when we can all meet. I make sure I take a long bubble bath at least once a week. Before I go to bed, I pack my lunch and get out my clothes for the next day.
9:30: I go to sleep. I have to have no less than 5 pillows in my bed to go to sleep, and I can't keep my feet under the covers or socks on. I know, I think its strange, too. If I don't go to sleep by at least 10, I'm worthless the next day!

On the weekends, I usually spend time with my boyfriend. He works out of town during the week, so weekends are precious to us. We go eat Japanese, Chinese, or Mexican every weekend. We also spend alot of time with my family playing the wii. For the last couple of months, we've been hooked on wii Monopoly! I highly recommend it! On Sundays, I drive 35 minutes to my church. The long drive is totally worth it! :) I try not to do any work on Sundays, such as writing lesson plans. I try to make Sunday's God's day as much as possible. For me that means spending time in his house, in his word, and reflecting on the things he's done. :) I also spend alot of time with my family on this day.

There you have it, a week in my life. It's a simple life, but I love it. :)