Saturday, March 6, 2010

{Loss and New Life}

This week has been particularly stressful for my family. On Tuesday night, my Dad's older brother Danny passed away. Although I didn't see Danny a lot during his time on earth, I deeply miss him. He was a fun, free spirited, and good man. I don't know how everyone else processes death and thoughts about death, but for me, the intensity of my sadness depends on one main factor-did they know Jesus as Lord and Savior? I'm so glad to know that in the final days of his life, my Uncle Danny signaled that he had asked for forgiveness for his sins and made peace with God. Every time I'd say goodbye to my Uncle during his time on earth, he'd hug me with a smile and say, "I love you honey!" I'd say, "See you later Uncle Dan", and we'd part ways. Today, as I said my final earthly goodbye to Danny I could be at peace knowing that TRULY I will see Uncle Danny again! Death has not conquered Danny-Danny is alive and well with a new body in Heaven-much better off than you and I. What a comfort.

Thank you, Dear Father, for making a way for us to have eternal life with you and your precious son, Jesus. Without you, there would be no hope.

Jessica <3

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